Our exclusive DuralClean finish

Duralclean is able to guarantee long-lasting hygiene. Your bathroom furniture will remain clean and velvety to the touch forever.

Having bespoke Corian® bathroom furniture, whether it is a washbasin, a bathtub or a shower tray, isn’t the only feature that allows you to have hygiene guaranteed over time.

Corian®, like all other materials, needs to be sanded to make its surface homogeneous. After the sanding process, as well as on any other surface, micro holes remain which, on coming into contact with water, can cause a blackening of the surface, especially in the internal corners.

This is because we do not speak of porosity in general but of micro-porosity, that is, of the very small micron-sized superficial holes which, over time, favour the accumulation of dirt destroying the beauty and purity of custom-made bathroom furnishings.

To definitively eliminate this problem, which can also cause the accumulation of bacteria, we have created the DuralClean finish that makes our custom-made furnishings perfectly hygienic.

Our exclusive DuralClean finish is the only one capable of guaranteeing long-lasting hygiene. Thanks to our special surface processing, your bathroom furniture will remain clean and velvety to the touch forever.

Our finish is the only system with a high degree of engineering that is defined through a sanding of 7 stages. The fundamental element of this process is the machine tool specially made by our designers, to eliminate micro-porosity, especially in the corners.

Thanks to this exclusive process, we are able to create all perfectly rounded corners, thus avoiding unsightly and, above all unsanitary, right angles – made by many manufacturers of custom Solid Surface bathroom furniture. At the same time, we carry out deep sanding of the internal corners, thus eliminating the risk of future blackening.

Our DuralClean finish also guarantees a silky and velvety touch to the surface, with a beautiful feeling of cleanliness.

Another aspect of our DuralClean finish is that it allows easy and fast water dispersal so that it does not remain on the surface for a long time, thus ensuring its hygiene.

If you want your bespoke bathroom furniture to be made according to high standards of purity and hygiene, it must, absolutely, be sanded with our exclusive finish.