Duraltop® – Custom built bathroom furniture in Corian®

Unique custom-made Corian® bathroom units with exclusive DuralClean finish, the only one to guarantee permanent hygiene.

Duraltop specializes in Corian® bathroom furniture, that is beautiful, durable and with the advantage of having bathroom furniture easier to clean, guaranteeing permanent hygiene, unlike its competitors.

Corian® is a slab with an appearance similar to stone and marble, made up of two thirds natural minerals and a small percentage of high-strength resin. This composition ensures that the material, different from natural stones, is compact, antibacterial and velvety to the touch. It is also possible to combine the solid surface slabs into any desired shape without visible joins as seen in other surfaces.

Duraltop dedicates body and soul to carefully finishing all the smallest details, eliminating any production defects. In fact, we invest a large part of our revenue in training and research into new technologies to constantly improve the surface finish of our products.

The result of our continuous research is the DuralClean finish: an exclusive sanding method, the only one that manages to eliminate micro porosity of the solid surface, thanks to an innovative and one-of-a kind sanding tool created by our company.

By choosing a Duraltop product, you will be guaranteed satisfaction in your desire for owning unique, hygienic furniture without visible joins.

If you want hygiene lasting over time, choose a Duraltop product and you will have the safety of a 100% antibacterial product because, thanks to the sophisticated DuralClean finish, we are the only ones able to create bathroom furniture without surface micro-pores, which prevents the accumulation of dirt and grime.

All our products are made by qualified craftsmen and deliveries are always punctual.

Each of our products is guaranteed through quality control, which offers maximum reliability and the guarantee of customer satisfaction.